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Geology & Mining



Geology & Mining

Our business is unique as we extract rare natural resources and transform them into specialty products or solutions for our customers. The role of Geology & Mining is therefore critical. 

Géologie & MineOur geologists and mining engineers are integrated directly into the business and are involved in the entire gamut of responsibilities – from exploration to extraction, via estimation of resources and mine planning.

They also need to understand our markets and manufacturing processes to be able to bring the greatest value to our customers through the transformation of our natural resources.
Within Imerys, geologists and mining engineers work together as a community and are often asked to be a part of Group-wide projects.

Examples of geology & mining positions
- Geologist
- Senior Geologist
- Mining Engineer

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A wealth of diversity

The diversity of profiles, backgrounds and experiences of our 16,000 employees is an asset which we are constantly seeking to develop.

Decentralization and Responsibility

Our managers have significant discretion in their decision-making. This allows them to demonstrate initiative.

Employability & Social protection

Reinforcing all our employees' acquisition of basic skills and guaranteeing everyone proper social protection are two priorities.