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Adult Basic Education in South Africa



Adult Basic Education in South Africa

The Imerys Andalusite Business Unit has long supported ABET*, South Africa’s literacy and numeracy drive.

“ABET* is an opportunity to get all employees up to basic standards of arithmetic and reading and writing English,” says Veneshan Veramuthu, Talent Development Manager at Imerys South Africa. Participants can also learn mining-related subjects and are rewarded for their progress.

An agreement has been drawn up between the company and participants, clearly stating what the company expects from learners. Currently Imerys South Africa is looking into a National Certificate in Mining for those employees who have successfully completed basic standards of arithmetic and reading and writing English, in an effort to create learning longevity and greater mining knowledge within the operations.

The latest graduation reflects the importance of ABET at Imerys. All employees who had successfully completed a training course in 2010 were invited to a graduation ceremony in an effort to build momentum for 2011. Training incentives are paid within a month of their achievement, to keep up the learning momentum.

Raising educational standards helps Imerys to empower its personnel to play a more active role in the business. “As an employer, it’s our responsibility to effect a positive change,” Veneshan Veramuthu adds.

* Adult Basic Education & Training

The Human Resources department’s mission is to ensure that the Group has the people needed for its growth and to allow its organization to improve on an efficient, coordinated basis, while complying with the regulations in force in its host countries.

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