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Development of basic skills in Clay Products



Development of basic skills in Clay Products

The Clay Products division offers workers the chance to upgrade their reading, writing and arithmetic skills.

This initiative, launched in 2011, set up in partnership with a consultancy firm and a finance company, is currently in place in four production sites. "Twelve employee-volunteers are involved in this first round," says Olivier Orjas, the division's Human Resources Director.

"After an individual assessment carried out with the consultant, each of them will be given 100 or 126 hours of training," he explains. This means 15 to 20 days in the year will be devoted to lessons. Although these are provided during working hours, the initiative requires a real personal commitment. A skills test at the end of the course will validate what the employees have learnt and measure progress made.

"As an employer, we have a duty to offer our staff the means to develop professionally and personally. Giving everyone the resources to achieve basic skills is part of our social responsibility," concludes Olivier Orjas.

The Human Resources department’s mission is to ensure that the Group has the people needed for its growth and to allow its organization to improve on an efficient, coordinated basis, while complying with the regulations in force in its host countries.

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