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Case studies

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Whether to preserve flora and fauna or rehabilitate sites to restore them for local economic and tourist use, Imerys is committed to respecting the ecosystem around its sites. Both active and closed quarries offer many opportunities for biodiversity by revitalizing natural habitats and protecting endangered species. Imerys is committed to respecting the ecosystems surrounding its operations and preserving biodiversity throughout the life of mine.

In 2015, several initiatives have been identified on the theme of biodiversity :

- biodiversity management on the Imerys Talc Rabenwald site in Austria to prepare for the rehabilitation into natural park with tour to admire the endemic floral species, after business closure.

- in Brazil, on Rio Capim Caulim site, rehabilitation of some site portions included agricultural plantations for the benefit of the local population, wildlife watching, and the re-introduction of endangered plant species.

- in Malaysia, on Ipoh site, observations were conducted to assess the activities impact on the fauna and flora. Ponds were created for the species conservation.

To download the Case study on Biodiversity management, Imerys Talc Rabenwald (Austria), click here.

To download the Case study on Engaging local communities on the restoration of mine areas, Imerys Rio Capim Caulim (Brazil), click here.

To download the Case study on Biodiversity management plan at mine, Imerys Ipoh (Malaysia), click here.

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