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Individual Shareholders

Imerys delivers solid growth in 2016 results

In 2016, Imerys improved its performance with a + 9.9% EBITDA and a + 8.2% current operating income increase. In this context, the operating margin was up + 80 basis points to 14.0%.

These achievements are the result of our operational excellence programs and our development strategy, which combines internal growth, driven by innovation and external growth, with, in particular, the acquisition of S&B, for which synergies have been achieved one year ahead of schedule. They also reflect the relative improvement in the environment observed towards the end of the year, which translate into a + 1.4% increase in the organic growth in the 4th quarter 2016. Moreover, the financial soundness was reinforced with a current free operating cash flow of 395 million euros.

Finally, the Group achieved its growth target for net income from current operations, up
+ 6.0%. The net income from current operations per share increased + 6.8%, which allows the Board to propose a €1.87 dividend increase for the fiscal year, and reflects its confidence in the Group’s fundamentals and development prospects. 2016 was also marked by the contemplated acquisition of Kerneos, which represents a major step in Imerys external growth.

In 2017, the improvement in the economic environment in the year end has yet to be confirmed. The Group will expand through recent acquisitions and continue to benefit from its excellence programs. In this context, Imerys remains well positioned to create long-term value, as evidenced by the contemplated acquisition of Kerneos.

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Shareholders’ guide

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General Meeting

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Imerys’ dividend distribution policy depends on the net income generated during the financial year in question. View the dividend for the year in question.



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Letters to Shareholders

The Letter to Shareholders, which is published three or four times a year, provides an update on the Group’s news and its financial performance. View the latest Letter, and the archives since 2008.

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Financial glossary

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