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Executive Committee

Since May 4, 2018, the Executive Management is carried out by Conrad Keijzer, CEO, assisted by an Executive Committee comprised of the Group’s main operational and functional managers to assist him in the general management of the Group.


The Executive Committee is an informative and advisory body. Its mission is to ensure that the organization, resources and general management of the Group’s business, as implemented by each member within their individual area of responsibility and under the authority of the Chief Executive Officer, are adapted to the strategy adopted by the Board of Directors and in accordance with fixed policies and objectives.

The key aspects of this mission are:

  • to review the strategies and budgets submitted by individual Group divisions to the Strategic Committee and the Board of Directors, ensure their implementation, supervise their application, and make any adjustments required to ensure compliance with them;
  • to define key targets for improving overall Group performance (particularly in terms of operational, financial, employment, social and environmental issues, as well as the occupational health and safety of employees), monitor those targets and implement any corrective measures that may prove necessary;
  • to review the suitability, development and mobility of Group management resources in accordance with its current and future needs, and with key planned organizational changes;
  • to adopt, manage deployment and supervise the implementation of those cross-functional and/or transformational policies and actions that apply to all parts of the Group (Innovation, CSR, Human Resources, Communication, Operational Excellence, Geology & Mines, Health & Safety, Legal & Regulatory Compliance, Internal Control & Risk Management, Information Systems and Internal Efficiency), and in a more general sense, all plans, operations and/or measures that are subject to the scrutiny of the Executive Committee by the Chief Executive Officer, either at his initiative or when proposed by other members.


The Executive Committee meets in principle once a month and as often as the interests of the Group require it. It met 11 times in 2017.


The Executive Committee is comprised, in addition to the Chief Executive Officer, Conrad Keijzer, of the Group’s main operational and functional managers.

  • Chief Executive Officer

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    Keijzer Conrad  - Dutch

    Appointed as Chief Executive Officer on May 4, 2018, Conrad joined Imerys in March, 2018 after having served as a member of the Board of Management at AkzoNobel NV and as CEO of its Performance Coatings business. Prior, he held numerous leadership positions across AkzoNobel’s businesses and he was based in the United States, Mexico, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. He has completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School in the United States and has a masters degree as an Industrial Engineer from Twente University in the Netherlands.

  • Vice-President. Strategy, M&A and International Development. Supervision of Oilfields Solutions divisions.

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    Olivier Hautin - French

    He joined Imerys in 1995, after beginning his career in strategy consulting at Mars & Co. He was first in charge of Strategy & Development for the Group. After having held management positions in several business units and divisions, he was successively appointed head of various business groups: Pigments for Paper & Packaging, Minerals for Ceramics/Refractories/ Abrasives & Foundry, Energy Solutions & Specialties. In October 2016, he took also responsibility over Imerys Strategy, M&A and International Development while maintaining the supervision of the Oilfields Solutions division.

  • Vice-President. Supervision of Performance Additives, Filtration, Metallurgy and Carbonates divisions

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    Daniel Moncino - American

    He joined Imerys in 2002 after beginning his career in Europe and in the USA with Siemens and then held several positions with BASF and Schlumberger. He was successively in charge of a business unit, a division and then of the Performance & Filtration Minerals business group. Since 2015, in addition to the Performance Additives and Filtration divisions, he also been overseeing the Metallurgy and Carbonates divisions.

  • Vice-President. Supervision of Roofing, Kaolin, Ceramics, Graphite & Carbone divisions

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    Frédéric Beucher - French

    He joined Imerys in 2003 after several years in investment banking, first at Société Générale in France and Spain and then at Rothschild & Cie in Paris. Started with Imerys as Head of Strategy and Development, he was then in charge of the Minerals for Ceramics division. Since July 1, 2013, he has also been overseeing the roofing division and now as well the Kaolin and Graphite & Carbone divisions.

  • Vice-President. Supervision of Fused Minerals, Monolithic Refractories and Aluminates divisions

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    Alessandro Dazza - Italian

    He joined Imerys in 2000 upon the acquisition of Treibacher Schleifmittel after working for a chemical company in Italy and then in Germany. He was then successively in charge of a business unit and then of the whole Fused Minerals division. He also oversees the Monolithic Refractories (Calderys) and Aluminates divisions as well.

  • Chief Financial Officer

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    Olivier Pirotte - Belgian

    He joined Imerys in 2015 as Chief Financial Officer of the Group. He began his career with Arthur Andersen where he held various management positions before joining Groupe Bruxelles Lambert in 1995 where he held various positions including Director of Investments, then Chief Financial Officer.

  • Group General Counsel & Company Secretary

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    Denis Musson - French

    He joined Imerys in 1999 as General Counsel and Secretary of the Board. His career was previously with Pechiney, where he started in the Group’s Legal Department before taking over its Corporate Department. Since the end of 2016, he also has been heading the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility department.

  • Chief Innovation Officer

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    Thierry Materne - Belgian

    He joined Imerys in June 2016 as Group Chief Innovation Officer. Previously, he spent more than 11 years in research and development at Goodyear Tire & Rubber in Europe and the United States, before taking on responsibility for innovation at Dow Corning and then heading Sabic Innovative Plastics (formerly GE Plastics).

  • Chief Industrial Officer

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    Jean-François Claver - French

    He joined Imerys in 2015 as Director of Mining and Industrial Operations and was appointed Group Chief Industrial Officer in October 2016. He previously held industrial management positions at Pechiney for nearly 16 years and then in several other International industrial groups (Alcan, Vallourec, Lafarge, Etex).

  • Chief Human Resources Officer

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    Vincent Lecerf - French

    He joined Imerys as Group Chief Human Resources Officer in January 2017, after holding various human resources management positions for the groups: Valeo, Poclain Hydraulics, Rhodia and Norbert Dentressangle. He was since 2008 Director of Human Resources and member of the Managing Board of Tarkett.

Imerys is based in over 50 countries and has 250 industrial sites.

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