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Operations & Production



Operations & Production

Ensuring the right products go to the right customer at the right time, all the while guaranteeing a safe working environment, requires sound management practices along with technical and operational excellence.

Exploitation & ProductionIn operations and production careers, our employees are required to ensure production efficiencies are managed to sustainable capacity levels and to constantly improve the operational processes to bring about maximum cost efficiency.

They must also ensure the asset management and reliability processes of the operating equipment is at appropriate standards to provide the quality and specifications of our products vis-à-vis our customers.
Imerys has more than 240 industrial sites in 47 countries, meaning often that we are giving a large amount of autonomy and responsibility to our teams. This includes managing teams, mastering technical processes, implementing continuous improvement initiatives and measurement of performance indicators.

Examples of operations & production positions
- Process Engineer
- Supply Chain Manager
- Production Manager
- Maintenance Manager
- Plant Manager
- Operations Manager
- Operations Director

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A wealth of diversity

The diversity of profiles, backgrounds and experiences of our 16,000 employees is an asset which we are constantly seeking to develop.

Decentralization and Responsibility

Our managers have significant discretion in their decision-making. This allows them to demonstrate initiative.

Employability & Social protection

Reinforcing all our employees' acquisition of basic skills and guaranteeing everyone proper social protection are two priorities.