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Research & Development



Research & Development

Innovation is a strategic priority of Imerys.  One of the motors of innovation is new product development, led by a strong collaboration between Marketing and Research & Development departments.

Recherche & DéveloppementThere are ten major research centers throughout the Group dedicated to improving our offer and developing new products and technologies for existing customers as well as new markets and customers. Three hundred highly skilled people are assigned to R&D at Imerys. The main task of these experts is to create new and innovative solutions for our different businesses, with a specific focus on growth markets.

Examples of R&D positions

- Research Engineer
- Project Manager
- Technology Director

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A wealth of diversity

The diversity of profiles, backgrounds and experiences of our 16,000 employees is an asset which we are constantly seeking to develop.

Decentralization and Responsibility

Our managers have significant discretion in their decision-making. This allows them to demonstrate initiative.

Employability & Social protection

Reinforcing all our employees' acquisition of basic skills and guaranteeing everyone proper social protectionare two priorities.