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Imerys Learning Center Offering



Imerys Learning Center Offering

Imerys Learning Center provides programs that cover common subjects which are essential to Imerys. These courses are available in all the major geographic zones where the Group is present.

Training sessions

- Basics of Geology and Mining
- Fundamentals of Finance
- Essentials of Industrial Marketing
- Fundamentals of Project Management
- Interviewing and Selection
- Conducting the PAD interview
- Enhancing Sales Performance
- Foundations of Management (coming soon)

An international presence

- United States: Atlanta and Santa Barbara
- Brazil: Belem & San Paolo

- China: Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing
- Singapore

- Austria: Vienna
- France: Paris
- Belgium: Brussels
- United Kingdom: St Austell (Cornwall)

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Professional development

Annual appraisal, personal career development, etc. – we pay close attention to our employees' results and progress and we encourage them to move forward.

Forming networks

To function correctly, Imerys relies in particular on good communication between employees, which is why we encourage staff to meet each other.

Recruitment offers

Find the job which suits you.