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Pharma, health, and beauty



Pharma, health, and beauty

Imerys has a wide range of mineral specialties (talc, calcium carbonate, diatomite, perlite, and more) that improves the performance of daily-use products on the pharmaceuticals, health, and beauty market.

  • Beauty

From exceptionally mild body powders and soaps to silky makeup that glides on easily, using talc in cosmetics manufacturing helps improve product properties and reduce formulation costs.
  • Hygiene

Calcium carbonates can be found in many hygiene products, such as toothpaste and soap. Perlite, in turn, is used as functional filler and an abrasive in dental applications.
  • Pharmaceuticals

Talc, an inert mineral specialty, is an excellent pharmaceutical excipient and medicated powder medium. It is also used to coat tablets, as well as in many other pharmaceutical applications.

Diatomite, having intrinsic properties that make it very effective in filtration processes, is functional filler in pharmaceuticals.
  • Health

Diatomite is a critical component in the blood fractionation process and is used worldwide for this purpose.

Perlite enjoys sweet success

Identifying new applications for Imerys mineral specialty solutions is a critical catalyst for growth. Perlite, already used in many applications, has found a new outlet in cosmetic products.

Perlite is a volcanic rock containing 2-5% water, which turns to steam when heated, causing the mineral to explode like popcorn. The resulting expanded perlite is a low-density material with a structure that can swell to twenty times its original volume. These properties mean it is used in a wide variety of applications: filtration, soundproofing, heat and phonic insulation, horticulture, etc. It has “ultra-absorbent” power and matting effect that also make it an ideal component in cosmetic products, such as face creams, gels, nail polishes and deodorants.

In 2004, World Minerals (acquired in 2005 by Imerys) and one of its major customers in the cosmetics industry undertook joint development of perlite-based products. The first application was a wrinkle cream launched in 2007. This scientific, technical, and marketing dialogue between Imerys and its client partner gained momentum in 2009. A new perlite with a true “blotter effect”, making it an ideal component for deodorants was developed and several deodorants were put on the market. In order to increase its market share in cosmetics and skincare products, Imerys designed the ImerCareTM product range, made of severals Group's minerals like perlite, kaolin, mica and diatomaceous earth.

ImerCare™, a natural multi-mineral range for cosmetics and personal care industries

ImerCare™ performance additives improve functionality and sensory perception of personal care products and cosmetics. This natural multi-mineral range includes kaolin, perlite, mica and diatomite.
From scrubs to face powder, from toothpaste to hair and body care, ImerCare™ products enable formulators to achieve desired specifications using natural minerals in place of synthetic additives.
Sourcing from our own mines and processing facilities, Imerys closely monitors quality while ensuring reliable raw materials for the cosmetics and personal care industries.
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