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Individual Shareholders

Imerys continued to grow in the 3rd quarter 2014

"In an economic environment characterized by marked geographic contrasts and the appearance of new uncertainties in Europe, Imerys reaped the profits of its development strategy. Imerys revenue (2 782 M€ for the first 9 months of 2014) has increased + 4.2% on a comparable basis.

Proppants for shale-oil exploitation in the US, graphite for Li-ion batteries, lime for Brazilian market, fused minerals for industrial applications: the new production units that came on stream in late 2013 visibly contributed to the improvement of revenue. Our geographic diversification, the contribution of our new products and control over our costs have contributed to stronger Group’s results. At 13.5%, the operating margin rose + 0.4 point compared to the first 9 months of 2013. The price/mix was solid and costs remained under control. Net income from current operations grew at 239 M€.

Based on its sound performance over the first 9 months of 2014, Imerys confirms its full year guidance : an increase in net income from current operations compared to last year.

Imerys has a robust financial structure and continues to implement its 2012-2016 development strategy. R&D and innovation programs are strengthened and new capital expenditure projects have also started in the US and in India to take advantage of the robust demand expanding the Group’s geographic footprint."

Gilles Michel

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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Shareholders’ guide

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General Meeting

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Letters to Shareholders

The Letter to Shareholders, which is published three or four times a year, provides an update on the Group’s news and its financial performance. View the latest Letter, and the archives since 2008.

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Financial glossary

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