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Social Focus


Sustainable development

Social Focus

We consider that meeting ambitious health and safety standards is essential and believe that success in this area depends on the active involvement of everyone who plays a part in the company. We believe that our success depends on the talent of our employees and make sure we have the human resources necessary for our development. Furthermore, we are committed to taking into account the needs and expectations of neighboring communities.

  • Safety and workplace health are priorities for Imerys. Mining and mineral processing activities demand a strong safety culture if accidents are to be avoided. To continue making progress on this issue, we have coordinated a series of initiatives over the past seven years.
  • The development of workplace health programs continues to prevent exposure to toxins and mineral dust, control exposure to noise and vibrations, and improve ergonomics.
  • We seek to increase diversity in the Group. We give our employees the resources they need to develop professionally and ensure that they have satisfactory benefits. We encourage open dialog with personnel representatives and trade union organizations. Moreover, we pledge to comply with local regulations on health and safety, non-discrimination, privacy, child labor, and compensation and working hours.
  • We expect all of our employees and our contractors, suppliers and other partners to abide by the principles set down by our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the “Code of Conduct”). Human rights, competition rights and avoidance of corruption are key aspects of the Code of Conduct.
  • The Group’s decentralized management method brings it into close contact with the diverse communities where it operates. We advocate for respect for neighbors’ rights, and we favor dialogue and mutual understanding. We encourage our operations to take a proactive approach to ensure that firm foundations are built.
Santé & sécurité

Health & Safety

Mining and mineral processing activities demand a strong safety culture if accidents are to be avoided as well as a strict management of workplace health issues.

Ressources humaines

Human Resources

The mission of Human Resources is to make sure that the Group has the people it needs to grow and to offer its employees fulfilling career possibilities.

Relations avec les communautés


Taking into consideration the expectations of our industrial sites’ neighboring communities is crucial to our business’s long-term future.



Imerys supports human rights as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and requires that they are respected in its operations worldwide.

We monitor the rollout of our three-year plan for Sustainable Development through performance indicators defined by internal experts.

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