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Forms of ownership for Imerys shares



Forms of ownership for Imerys shares

In France, investment securities may be held in two different ways: as “bearer” securities and as “registered” securities. Securities can be held in two different forms in France: "bearer” and “registered."

Bearer shares:
bearer security accounts are held by the financial intermediary of your choice (lending or investment houses) and so are not known to our company. This system enables you to group all the securities in your portfolio together in a single account.

Registered shares: these holding arrangements allow us to identify you and establish direct, personalized contact. Shares can be registered in two ways:

  • Managed registered: the shares are recorded in our company’s accounts but kept with the financial intermediary that manages your securities.
  • Direct registered: securities are directly and solely recorded in our company’s accounts. Under this system, you do not have to pay custody fees or some common fees related to:
    - security transfers and registration,
    - dividend payments,
    - operations on the securities (capital increases, share allotments, etc.),
    - changes of ownership, donation, succession.

Advantages of holding shares in managed or direct registered form

Registration lets you receive direct, personalized information such as:
  • Letters to Shareholders
  • Notices of Shareholders’ General Meetings
  • The Annual Report

Telephone information on share management, share taxation and the organization of shareholders’ meetings. A team of operators is on hand to serve shareholders from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, on +33 (0)1 57 78 34 44. You can also contact the CACEIS Corporate Trust
by email:

Registration also makes it easier to attend Shareholders’ Meetings as no prior formalities are required to immobilize shares. In addition, any shares held in registered form for at least 2 years are entitled to double voting rights.

Additional advantage of directly registered shares

Shareholders who directly register their shares are totally exempt from custody fees and any usual management fees on their securities (exept transaction fees).

How to register your shares?

If your Imerys shares are managed on a bearer basis:
  • If you want them to be registered on a “direct” basis, simply complete and sign a share account registration form and send it to your financial intermediary. Upon receipt of the securities, CACEIS Corporate Trust will send you a certificate of your shares’ registration in the corresponding account.
  • If you wish to hold your shares in “managed registered” form, you just have to send your financial intermediary a “managed account share registration request on plain paper. As soon as the bank notifies that your shares are registered on a managed basis, they will be recorded in Imerys’ Registry.

If you are not yet an Imerys shareholder and want to acquire directly registered shares, please contact the Shareholders' Relation on +33 (0)1 57 78 34 44 or by email:

The table below sets out the characteristics of the different methods for holding shares.

Directly registeredManaged registeredBearer
Complete the agreement for opening a direct registered share account (only in French).Click here Contact your bank
Notice to attend
Shareholders' General Meetings
The notice of meeting is automatically sent to you by post 15 days before the date of the General MeetingYou should ask your financial intermediary for a proxy/postal vote form or an admission card
of shares -
Participation in General Meetings
Does not apply, provided that the shares are recorded in a registered account by 3pm Paris time on the day before the General meeting at the latestYou should send CACEIS Corporate Trust a participation certificate issued by your bank or brokerage 3 working days at the latest before the General Meeting by Twelve am CET
Voting rightsAllocation of double voting rights to any shares held for at least 2 years1 voting right per share
Purchase ordersPlaced with CACEIS Corporate TrustPlaced with your bank or brokerage
Sale ordersPlaced with CACEIS Corporate TrustPlaced with your bank or brokerage
Management feesfree (borne by Imerys)Borne by the shareholder. Rates vary according to the bank or brokerage. To know CACEIS Corporate Trust costs (only in French). Click here
Transaction feesBorne by the shareholder Rates vary according to the bank or brokerage. To know CACEIS Corporate Trust costs (only in French). Click here
Capital gainsThe shareholder calculates his/her own capital gainsBanks and brokerages manage capital gains

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