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Buying and selling Imerys shares



Buying and selling Imerys shares

When you want to buy or sell shares, you need to place a stock exchange order:

  • If your shares are registered, with CACEIS Corporate Trust,
  • If your shares are in bearer form, with your financial intermediary (bank, online broker, etc.), who will pass it on to the market. Your order must contain the following information:

    - Type of security (share, bond, etc.)
    - Name and code of security
    - Direction of transaction (purchase or sale)
    - Number of securities
    - Reference of securities account
    - Validity date
    - Market
    - The order type

There are 4 main types of order:
  • A “limit order” sets a maximum price for a purchase or a minimum price for a sale. The order is not filled if the limit is not reached.
  • A “best price order” is filled at the best price available when it arrives on the market.
  • A “market order” has priority over all the other order types recorded in the order book at the time.
  • A “stop order” enables an investor to buy or sell when a predetermined price is reached.

If you would like more information on this topic, you can consult the Euronext website.

How do I place a stock exchange order for directly registered shares?:

Contact CACEIS Corporate Trust directly by:
  • Telephone on +33 (0)1 57 78 34 44, with obligatory confirmation using the “stock exchange order” form (by FAX or POST)
  • Fax on +33 (0)1 49 08 05 80
  • Postal mail to CACEIS Corporate Trust

Service Emetteurs-Assemblées
14, rue Rouget de Lisle
92862 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex 9 - France

Settlement of orders for directly registered shares

For purchases, CACEIS Corporate Trust sends you the breakdown of the stock market transaction. Upon receipt of the settlement by check, you will be registered on a direct basis and receive your registration certificate.

For sales, the amount is paid to you directly by CACEIS Corporate Trust by check payable to you or by bank transfer (enclose receiving account details). Cash orders are settled within 3 working days of the order being filled. However, the proceeds of the sale will be held until confirmation of your order is received at the CACEIS Corporate Trust offices (in the case of phoned-in orders).

Non-executed cash purchase or sale orders are automatically cancelled at the end of each calendar month. Cancelled orders are not systematically renewed.

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