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Core business

Imerys transforms, enriches and combines a unique range of minerals, often extracted from its deposits, to offer features essential to its customers’ products and production processes. From mineral deposits to customers – learn about all the stages in our core business.

Devising mineral solutions

Imerys builds close partnerships with its major customers and calls on substantial resources to achieve innovations that meet their exact needs, with 300 scientists, 8 research & technology centers, 20 market-focused regional laboratories, cooperation with renowned institutes patents. As at the end of 2013, Imerys owned around 3,500 registered or pending trademarks, more than 1,000 granted and filed patents, and 220 industrial designs.

Obtaining the required properties

To obtain the required properties, minerals are refined and converted by various processes that act on their concentration, size, shape and structure. These operations are reproduced on a large scale across thousands of tons of materials.

Deposit identification

The diversity of needs and end applications demands a diverse portfolio in terms of mineral nature and quality. Imerys’ rare and in some cases unique mineral reserves are strategic assets. These reserves are mined on 115 mining(1) sites and they are identified and appraised by an experienced team of geologists to ensure renewal and diversification.

Mine operation

Selecting the right techniques for the characteristics of each deposit means that minerals can be extracted in optimum economic and environmental conditions. Sites at the end of their operating life are restored in the best possible state for neighboring communities. Restoration plans are studied from the outset of a new mine project under a Group-wide responsible management process.

Process industrialization

Many conversion processes are unique to Imerys. The Group has designed specific facilities for crushing, purification by physical or physical-chemical separation, screening, grading, centrifuging, drying, firing, melting and calcination.

Finished product packing

Products are marketed in a wide variety of forms and volumes: powders, granules, suspensions, ceramic bodies, slurries, tiles and slates, etc. Imerys has great experience in bagging, packaging and marking. The quality of these stages contributes to the brand image of the Group’s products.


Imerys implements effective, competitive logistics. Whether by sea, rail or road transport, reliable deliveries are a core concern for every customer.


Depending on the application, Imerys provides implementation services or even turnkey operations. This is the case, for example, in refractories for large industrial furnaces. From design to heat-up, Imerys’ teams can take on an entire relining or upgrading project.
Imerys also offers technical training to enable its customers to draw full benefit from products such as building materials.

(1) One mining site could include several mines and quarries.

Imerys is based in almost 50 countries and has 234 industrial sites.

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Imerys transforms, enriches and combines a unique range of minerals to offer features essential to its customers’ products and production processes.

Business model

"Imerys is a world leader with unique advantages" explains Gilles Michel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Imerys.


300 scientists, 8 R&D centers, 20 regional laboratories... Imerys invests significant resources in the development of solutions tailored to each customer.