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Innovations to support the Group’s competitiveness


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Innovations to support the Group’s competitiveness

Each year, Imerys introduces new products onto the market. In addition to "continuity" innovations, resulting from improvements to the existing range, "disruptive" innovations are based on the development of new concepts. Together, they make it possible to increase the range of products and also the Group’s competitiveness.

For example, the following innovations, launched over the past 10 years, were mostly disruptive breakthroughs:
  • 2002: expanded graphite for alkaline batteries and kaolins mixtures for paper
  • 2003: new anti-blocking agents for plastic films and a carbon black (a conductor additive in lithium-ion batteries)
  • 2004: graphite for fuel cells and fillers for silicon joints
  • 2005: mineral fillers for latex gloves
  • 2006: carbonate for wood and resin fiber composites and Alodur RodTM abrasive sticks
  • 2007: Astrafil KTM, a new filler for paper, and calcium carbonates for non-woven fibers
  • 2008: natural diatomite for laminates and BarrisurfTM (a very flat kaolin with a "barrier effect")
  • 2009: a new carbon black for conductive plastics, and a new product with a nanometric dimension for hardened UV varnishes
  • 2010: Celite CynergyTM (an additive combining filtration and stabilization of beer)
  • 2011: Extension of the “Quick Dry™” monolithic refractories range for safer linings (no hydrogen given off during drying) and significantly shorter installation times (faster drying);
  • 2012: Argical Pro, a natural product to protect olives against insect attack.

Imerys intends to increase the share of new products in its revenue. The Group thus estimates that more than €250 million in revenue was generated with products created in the past five years. This is an increase of
+ 25% compared to 2011.

Innovation to accelerate the Group’s internal growth

In recent years Imerys’ scientists have also designed innovations that help to drive the Group’s development, particularly in high-potential markets.

These include:

Protected assets

Innovation is a precious asset to Imerys. That is why its legal protection is built into the product development process from the outset.

These essential Group assets are protected by a bespoke intellectual property policy. Around 3500 trademarks are registered or in the process of registration and Imerys owns more than 1000 patents and patents pending and more than 200 industrial and utility models. This portfolio undergoes regular rationalization, which is vital in optimizing its cost. In order to effectively protect its company name, the Group has registered the "Imerys" trademark in 105 countries.

Imerys is based in almost 50 countries and has 245 industrial sites.

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Some examples of innovations

Here are some examples of products launched recently by the various business groups.

Optimized industrial tool

In order to adapt its minerals to precise industrial applications, Imerys requires expertise and complex industrial processes.

Proximity to our customers

Imerys is an essential partner in its customers’ performance and provides them with technical solutions which improve their processes.