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Filtration & Performance Additives

The branch enjoys many high quality minerals (bentonite, diatomite, perlite, vermiculite, steel casting fluxes, talc and wollasonite) supplied to many industries including agriculture and food, steel, construction, horticulture, plastics, paints, rubber, catalysts, paper, health, beauty and personal care.

The Filtration & Performance Additives business group is organized around the three following businesses:

- Performance Additives;
- Minerals for Filtration;
- Performance Additives for Metallurgy.

Diversity of resources and expertise

The Performance Additives division’s minerals, based on mica, talc and wollastonite, diatomite, perlite or vermiculite, are essential for a wide range of applications that require advanced technical specifications such as the automotive, paint, rubber, paper, hygiene, health and beauty industries.

The Minerals for Filtration branch is the world’s leading supplier of diatomite and expanded perlite-based products for filtration.

The Performance Additives for Metallurgy business group serves the iron and steel industry and a large number of intermediate industries including building and construction, civil engineering, oil drilling, agriculture and pet care. World’s leading perlite ore supplier, the activity also provides specialised additives for steel casting flux formulations and also casting flux feeder services.

Front-rank market positions

  • Talc for plastics, paints, paper, ceramics, health & beauty
  • Mica for engineered plastics and high performance coatings
  • Wollastonite for polymers, ceramics, paints & coatings
  • Diatomite-based products and perlite-based products for filtration
  • Casting Fluxes
  • Perlite for construction
  • Bentonite for metalcasting

Activities Websites
Performance Minerals
Minerals for Filtration
Advanced Minerals
Celite Cynergy
Performance Additives for Metallurgy

Imerys is based in over 50 countries and has 250 industrial sites.

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