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Filtration & Performance Additives

The products of the Filtration & Performance Additives business group improve the quality of steel, paint, toothpaste, water, beer and even paper! Discover the range of products available from this business group, which offers its customers tailored solutions.

The Filtration & Performance Additives business group is a supplier to a great number of industries (steel, agri-food, building materials, horticulture, plastics, paint, rubber, catalysts, paper, pharma, personal care & beauty, etc.). Its activity is driven by trends in consumer goods (beverages, food, packaging, etc.), capital goods (particularly automotive) and construction (new buildings and renovation).

A wide range of effective products

Based on the transformation of a large range of extensive, high-quality mineral reserves (bentonite, diatomite, mica, perlite, talc, vermiculite and wollastonite), as well as expertise in all the techniques needed for processing, this business group is a supplier to the steel industry, the agriculture and food industry, and to a large number of intermediate industries (plastics, paint, rubber, catalysts, paper, health, beauty & personal care, etc.).
The Filtration & Performance Additives business group provides customers with tailor-made solutions in technical fields where chemical composition, morphology, mechanical properties, thermal and chemical resistance, as well as food and pharmaceutical grade processing are key requirements. Working alongside its customers for the long-term is also essential for the business group.

Front-rank market positions

  • World #1 in talc for plastics, paints, paper, ceramics, health & beauty
  • World #1 in mica
  • World #1 in mica for engineered plastics and high performance coatings
  • World #1 in diatomite-based products
  • World #1 in diatomite-based products and perlite-based products for filtration

Sales 2014658 M

Employees 20142,518

Industrial sites45


Imerys is based in almost 50 countries and has 234 industrial sites.

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