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Ceramic Materials

The Ceramic Materials business group is composed of Clay Roof Tiles, Minerals for Ceramics, Kiln Furniture and Kaolin Group's activities.

A high-quality, specialized offer

With its quality deposits and optimized industrial assets, Imerys is France's largest producer of clay roof tiles. Imerys also contributes to the development of renewable energies, particularly in photovoltaic tiles.

The Minerals for Ceramics activity is a world leading supplier of industrial mineral solutions, from minerals to full prepared bodies for the sanitaryware, tile and tableware industries, together with a competitive offering for technical ceramics applications and the glass industry including fiber glass.
Besides, the activity develops, designs, produces and globally markets firing supports and components for industrial kilns for the ceramics industries. It has recently developed activities in technical ceramic segments.

The Kaolin activity extracts minerals from its extensive high quality worldwide reserves. Kaolin products and innovative solutions are processed for construction (paints, plastics and polymers), rubber, sealants, adhesives and ceramics, as well as for the paper and packaging industries. New specialty applications have been developed to make up for the structural decline of the paper industry in mature countries.

Front-rank market positions

  • French #1 for clay roof tiles
  • World #1 in raw materials and ceramic bodies for sanitaryware
  • World #2 in kaolin for fiberglass
  • Europe#1 in raw materials and ceramic bodies for tableware
  • Europe#2 in raw materials for floor tiles
  • World #1 in kiln furniture for roofing tiles
  • World #1 in kaolin for paper

Sales 20141,157 M

Employees 20144,269

Industrial sites84


Imerys is based in almost 50 countries and has 234 industrial sites.

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