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High Resistance Minerals

The High Resistance Minerals business group is composed of Fused Minerals and Minerals for Refractories activities.

An innovative offer

Through its global footprint, unique and extensive raw materials base and well mastered processing technologies, the Refractory Minerals activity holds a unique and leading global position. Its broad product portfolio enables it to offer several combinations of functional properties which support the industry’s thirst for constant per formance enhancement in terms of refractoriness, refractoriness under load, thermal shock resistance, thermal conductivity, resistance to various chemical attacks, creep resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

The Fused Minerals activity is the worldwide leader in specialty applications such as abrasives, refractories, technical ceramics, heating elements for the iron & steel, automotive, industrial equipment and construction markets. It benefits from a unique fusion technology and know-how, which are key to control critical functional properties of its minerals, such as abrasive efficiency, durability, heat dissipation, opacity, colour etc.

The C.A.R.R.D., the business group research & development center based in Austria, provides its refractory and investment casting customers with innovative solutions. Its know-how allows for the development of new mineral solutions and innovations such as sintered rods, a new shaped abrasive with increased grinding performance.

Front-rank market positions

  • World #1 in alumino-silicate minerals for refractories
  • World #1 in fused minerals for abrasives
  • World #1 in fused zirconia

Sales 2014642 M

Employees 20142,841

Industrial sites29


Imerys is based in almost 50 countries and has 234 industrial sites.

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