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Sustainable development


Our Sustainable Development policy supports the Group’s long-term strategy. Commitments on safety, the environment, human resources, innovation, carbon footprint reduction and corporate governance play a vital role in safeguarding the Group’s future. For the Imerys to achieve its commitments, every manager in the Group must support them through his or her action.

Sustainable Development (SD) is undertaken in three components at Imerys: social responsibility, environmental stewardship, corporate governance and business ethics. The Group’s international scale and mineral-based business give it a unique stakeholder profile consisting of employees, contractors, communities, suppliers and customers.

Objectifs et réalisations

Goals & Achievements

Imerys monitors and measures its SD performance at both the macro- and micro-levels. The Group’s annual SD objectives reflect the macro-level performance. These objectives are reviewed by the SD Steering Committee on a quarterly basis. The Group’s extra-financial KPIs reflect the micro-level performance at the site level. Several analytical reports are developed to present these results for business review including a monthly safety report, a monthly headcount report, a quarterly energy report, and a quarterly environmental report.

Policies, measurement & methodologies

The Group SD Charter was revamped in 2014 to incorporate the results of the three-year planning process, and approved by all internal stakeholders. Under the umbrella of the SD Charter, the Group has established a set of comprehensive policies, procedures and protocols. Those documents are grouped together in the “Blue Book” and accessible on the Imerys intranet. The SD Charter and some of the relevant SD policies are also publicized on the Imerys website.

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