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Sustainable development


Integration of Best Corporate Governance Practices

The composition and the missions of our Board of Directors are self-assessed every year and, as the case may be, adjusted in order to integrate the best practices of our peers. The Executive Committee, chaired by the Chief Executive Officer, manages Imerys’ activities. It is composed of the Group’s principal operations managers and the leader from each support function.

Our Corporate Governance is described in the annual report and in the internal charter adopted by the Board of Directors. To know more, click here.

Stringent management of Sustainable Development

Our Sustainable Development strategy is set by Imerys’ Executive Committee, based upon the recommendations of a Steering Committee that meets every quarter and represents different corporate functions. Three Executive Committee members have seats on the Steering Committee.

This strategy is initially drafted by the SD Working Group made up of Environment, Health & Safety, Sustainable Development and Human Resources professionals of the operating entities and geographic zones in which we operate. The Group’s Vice President Environment Health & Safety (EHS) coordinates SD objectives as well as their implementation.

The Board of Directors places increasing importance on Sustainable Development risks and issues, which are the subject of a formal presentation at one of its meetings every year. It tasks the Audit Committee with the annual review of the related organization, policies, objectives and results.

We monitor the rollout of our three-year plan for Sustainable Development through performance indicators defined by internal experts.

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Our Sustainable Development policy supports the Group’s long-term strategy. Actions are guided by a three-year plan that sets goals for each of our areas of activity.

Environmental focus

We work to reduce our environmental impact and use natural resources efficiently. We control our activities’ impact on the environment.

Social Focus

Health and Safety, Human Resources, Ethic, and dialogue with our neighboring communities are among our main corporate social responsibility priorities.