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Goals & Achievements


Sustainable development

Goals & Achievements

The progress made throughout Imerys in recent years is a valuable asset for our decentralized group. We are convinced that the values we hold, and the Sustainable Development programs we implement, make our Group more robust and better able to create long-term value.

For years 2015-2017, the many Sustainable Development issues inherent in mineral mining and processing – from controlling environmental impact to taking into consideration the wishes and constraints voiced by stakeholders, via safety and employee skill development – mean we must have ambitious but realistic goals. The plan has been the subject of in-depth internal discussions and was approved on several management levels. In this way, we have set priorities for action and intend to control the gradual deployment of these priorities, year after year.

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We monitor the rollout of our three-year plan for Sustainable Development through performance indicators defined by internal experts.

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Our Sustainable Development strategy is set by Imerys’ Executive Committee, based upon the recommendations of a Steering Committee that meets every quarter.

Human Resources

The mission of Human Resources is to make sure that the Group has the people it needs to grow and to offer its employees fulfilling career possibilities.

Environmental focus

We work to reduce our environmental impact and use natural resources efficiently. We control our activities’ impact on the environment.