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Sustainable development


Innovation is at the heart of Imerys growth strategy.

For several years, innovation goals have been factored into our Sustainable Development action plan. These include:
  • The development and introduction every year of products with an environmental benefit,
  • The measurement, from the design stage, of our innovations’ carbon footprint.

The rise in the number of ideas and opportunities led the Group to allocate significantly more resources to R&D and Innovation, increasing 2013 expenses by almost + 7% to €60 million.

Moreover, a growing share of research expenditure is for work on innovations in new markets for Imerys. The Group introduced almost 65 new products in 2013. Several of them offer an environmental benefit, while others improve ease of use. Many high-technology products were also launched. Imerys intends to increase the share of new products in its revenue. The Group thus estimates that €333 million in revenue was generated with products created in the past five years. This is an increase of + 33% compared to 2012.

Our ability to combine minerals enables our customers to make significant, quantifiable improvements, e.g. better controlled, more cost-effective production, lower consumption of expensive raw materials, greater energy efficiency, reduced emissions and environmental impact. We also optimize our own processes to increase our productivity, but also limit our energy consumption and carbon emissions and make better use of natural resources.

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2013 ObjectivesPerformance 2013
  • Environmentally friendly products & processes: five per year
  • Introduce at least one product or process with a recycling benefit
  • Achieved

  • Achieved
2014 Objectives
  • Environmentally friendly products & processes: five per year
  • Perform a life cycle assessment of one new product

We monitor the rollout of our three-year plan for Sustainable Development through performance indicators defined by internal experts.

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Consumption & Discharges

Manage properly water withdrawals and limit waste production are part of our Sustainable Development goals.

Energy & emissions

For several years, we have implemented action programs to improve the energy efficiency of its industrial activities and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Restoration & Biodiversity

We strive to lessen negative impacts of our mining and processing activities on biodiversity.