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Sustainable development


Transparency, openness and dialogue form the basis of the constructive relations we seek to build wherever we operate worldwide. We aim to contribute to the economic and social development of our host communities.

Taking into consideration the expectations of the communities near the Group’s industrial and mining sites is a crucial factor for the long-term sustainability of Imerys’ activities. Worldwide, Imerys seeks to increase the positive impact from its activities and reduce the negative aspects.

The communities in which Imerys is based are extremely diverse. Consequently, the Group’s decentralized management method is appropriate for dealing with community relations. This flexibility enables each entity to adapt to the values and local constraints of the host community. Under its “Community Relations” protocol, Imerys formally delegates responsibility for community relations to the most senior employee in charge of managing the facility. Under the community relations protocol, he or she is required to draw up a stakeholder inventory and create a plan for continuous improvement
of stakeholder relations. Available in seven languages, the protocol also encourages constructive dialogue with stakeholders and requires an appropriate response to all plausible stakeholders’ complaints.

Within this framework, the Group’s sites have developed projects along a number of axes such as contributing to local economic development, promoting education and training, and participating in community improvement activities. The success of this approach is reflected in the number and quality of projects on community relations submitted every year for the in-house Sustainable Development challenge. These best practices are now shared through a database
that all employees can consult on the Group’s intranet. In the past ten years, 533 projects have been part of the SD Challenge program and nearly one-third of those projects are categorized into community.

Formalizing relations to ensure success

To support our operations in rolling out the Community Relations Protocol and help them organize existing actions into a formal community relations program, the Group created a Community Relations Toolbox in 2011. The Toolbox is available on the Imerys intranet and has been the focus of awareness-raising and training activities, including articles in the in-house magazine and on the intranet site, presentations in operations and a webinars involving approximately one hundred participants in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
Specific action was taken on our largest sites to ensure effective rollout of the protocol by the end of 2011. We will keep up these efforts in 2012 with the aim of implementing the process in 20% of the Group’s units, selected according to their sensitivity on the issue.

Great Britain – Open doors on Minerals Day
To strengthen its relationship with the surrounding communities, Imerys Mineral Ltd took the opportunity of celebrating Minerals Day to invite them to visit the Wheal Martyn China Clay Country Park and explore the kaolin industry. Read more

Asia Pacific – Building relationships of trust with the communities around sites: coordinating a Regional Minerals Day Late
March 2010, the Pigments for Paper & Packaging Asia-Pacific division coordinated the organization of a Regional Open Day. Eight countries were involved through 15 plants plus the Singapore and Shanghai offices. The goal was to help local authorities and populations’ understand our businesses. Read more

Great Britain – Pro-active communication by Imerys Minerals with local schools targeted a growing safety risk.
In May 2009, Imerys sent an open letter to all head teachers in Cornwall’s clay country. It spelled out a worrying trend. Trespassing on Imerys property was increasing, leading to a rise in vandalism and safety hazards. Rather than just pointing out the problem, the EHS Manager offered to work with schools to help solve it Read more

Chili – Help employees affected by an earthquake
On February 27, 2010, an earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale shook Chile from its sleep. The unit’s management decided without delay to support its workers in their adversity. Read more

France – Create a consultative committee to enhance stakeholders' dialogue
In the context of a zoning scheme amendment requested to allow Imerys Terre Cuite St Germer to open a quarry in a neighboring area, the management of the plant decided to create a semi-annual consultative committee with the plant manager as well as representatives of the public authorities and neighbours. These meetings are a place for open talks and explanations. Read more

South Africa – HIV strategy pays off
With over 20% of the population aged 15-49 infected, South Africa is severely hit by the AIDS epidemic. In this mining country where the Group employs more than 600 people, a strategy for combating the spread of the virus was set up. Read more

Thailand – Additional Revenue for Local Populations
Salted eggs are a staple of the Thai diet. Though usually preserved in brine, they can also be covered with kaolin to allow the salt to seep into the eggs slowly and to protect them from high temperatures. Read more

USA – Disaster Relief for Flood Victims
Imerys World Minerals (Filtration Minerals North America) teamed up with the Red Cross to help victims of the January 2009 flood in Fernley, Nevada. Read more

Brazil – Environmental Training for Primary School Teachers
An Imerys Pigments for Paper & Packaging plant, a kaolin producing factory, is located in the northern state of Para, Brazil. This region suffers from a shortage of skilled labor and qualified teachers. Read more

Vietnam – Greening a Local School
Some schools in Vanphu, Vietnam, where Imerys produces calcium carbonate (Pigments for Paper & Packaging Asia-Pacific), do not have the resources to plant trees or cultivate their schoolyards. One such primary and secondary school is located in close proximity to an Imerys site. Read more

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Health & Safety

Mining and mineral processing activities demand a strong safety culture if accidents are to be avoided as well as a strict management of workplace health issues.

Human Resources

The mission of Human Resources is to make sure that the Group has the people it needs to grow and to offer its employees fulfilling career possibilities.


Imerys supports human rights as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and requires that they are respected in its operations worldwide.