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Adding mineral products (natural or calcined kaolins, natural or precipitated calcium carbonates, etc.) improves the quality of cellulose fiber products. Imerys specialties provide the texture and appearance properties required by each packaging category. They also improve efficiency in manufacturer production processes for cardboard boxes and packaging, reducing costs and ensuring better environmental protection.

  • Fillers

Filler mineral products made from kaolin and calcium carbonates are added to the cellulose fiber at the earliest stages of the production process. They give the final packing material texture, opacity, whiteness, and printability. They reduce the limited moisture level of the pulp and limit the need for drying. Production is accelerated and drying time reduced, all sources of energy savings. Mineral filler additives are therefore economical alternatives that improve packaging quality.

Talc contributes to the manufacturing process by absorbing organic impurities contained in the packaging. It thereby increases the whiteness of recycled paper. By replacing chemical solutions in the packaging production line, this mineral specialty is an environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Coatings

Coatings are applied to the packaging surface to obtain the smooth surface needed for brightness and printability. The physical characteristics of coating pigments affect, for example, the quality of labels and coupons printed on the packaging materials, which have a very short lifespan.

BarrisurfTM gives new life to packaging

Increased calls for recyclable and sustainable packaging is generating strong demand for coating additives, especially those that help limit use of fluorocarbon-based chemicals. Imerys has an alternative: BarrisurfTM,
a “barrier-effect” solution made with ultra-thin kaolin particles. BarrisurfTM was first put on the market in 2008 and has seen tremendous commercial success.

Until now, to create a “barrier effect” and make packaging more resistant, manufacturers used resin-based solutions, a petroleum-based material that is increasingly expensive.
BarrisurfTM, a patented solution made with ultra-thin kaolin particles, is the fruit of cooperation between the laboratories of Sandersville (US) and Cornwall (UK). This new nano-dimensional kaolin creates a twisted, “tortuous” structure that prevents infiltration by water, gasses, or oils.
These ultra-flat particles have been tested for many applications and have been the subject of several trials held through collaboration between Imerys laboratories and those of its customers, testing barrier properties in protecting foodstuffs, for example. The Group’s Sales & Marketing teams have always been very attentive to customer opinions, sharing what they learn there and helping to refine both formulas and the industrial processes.
Used as coating additives, the new, recyclable BarrisurfTM LX and HX provide very effective barriers, improve the printing quality on paper and packing boxes, and lower production costs.

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