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Vinci - HP - Clérac, France

New partnership with VINCI Construction

Our métakaolin produced in Clérac is being used on the construction site of the new Nantes University Hospital, France's first low-carbon building on this scale.

Imerbuild - enhancing PVC construction applications

Product launch: Introducing ImerBuild™

Discover our new range of engineered mineral solutions for enhanced PVC construction performance. 

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Release of the 2023 Half Year Results

On Thursday, July 27 at 17:45 (Paris Time), we released our 2023 Half Year Results characterized by resilient profitability and strong cash generation.

British Lithium project

Strategic partnership with British Lithium

We have announced on 29 June the creation of a joint venture with British Lithium, aimed at producing battery-grade lithium from Cornish granite.

Imerys announces changes in its Executive Committee

Changes in our Executive Committee

On May 30, 2023 Emmanuelle Vaudoyer is appointed Group General Counsel and Group Company Secretary.


Partnership with TotalEnergies for Renewable Power at our Lompoc site

This long-term partnership will enable us to produce decarbonized energy with a solar power system paired with energy storage at our Lompoc facility (California). This project is aligned with our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across our global facilities.


The 2022 Universal Registration Document is now available to the public

We published on March 22, 2023 the 2022 Universal Registration Document.

We lead the way in mineral-based specialty solutions for industry​ globally. Imerys supports a diverse range of sectors, from construction and automotive to consumer goods. We provide renowned expert solutions based on processing and refining our mineral resources, synthetic minerals and formulations.

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New energy recovery plant turns waste gas into electricity at Willebroek, Belgium
Business news

New energy recovery plant turns syngas into electricity at Willebroek, Belgium

With the construction of a new onsite energy recovery plant, Imerys is capturing the feedstock energy contained in syngas, a by-product generated during the carbon black manufacturing. The project – a partnership with energy supplier E.On – will significantly reduce the environmental footprint of carbon black – a key additive  in lithium ion batteries serving the clean energy transition. 

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The Imerys S&T lab team in Brazil
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Three Labs Unite to Launch Science & Technology Center Brazil

The unification of the three previous laboratories aims to increase efficiency and shorten project deadlines by speeding up the interaction between the different functions and applications of minerals in various industries.

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Imerys insulating mineral foams
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Material matters: why insulating mineral foams make for safer, more sustainable constructions

While a building’s structure might make it a house, a building’s insulation will make it a home. And, while a builder might have many insulation options to choose from, only one can claim to be totally safe: mineral foams.

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Leap - banner image
Product story

Powering ultra reactivity with ultra-reactive specialty binders: LEAP®

Achieving much more with less, or using less to achieve much more. That was the challenge Imerys experts set themselves in designing the next generation of specialty binders, designed for a market calling for greater performance with less product and lower environmental impact.

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