Graduates program

Opportunities at Imerys for students and graduates

Do you like a challenge? Are you looking to make your mark in a fast-moving international company? Our Graduates program will give you the opportunity to be part of the next generation of Imerys managers and specialized talents.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Imerys Graduates program is currently on hold.  


Who we are

We are Imerys, a world leader in mineral solutions for innovative industrial applications. We operate in more than 40 countries and employ 16,400 people.


What we offer

We take graduates from all sorts of disciplines, from right out of college to those with up to three years of experience, and give them the opportunity to discover the world. You will be offered opportunities aligned with your profile at a variety of Imerys locations.

The Imerys Graduates program offers successful applicants the ability to fast-track their careers by working across a broad range of roles. You’ll spend a year each in different business areas, gaining hands-on experience and building your leadership skills through challenging real-life projects.

At the same time, we invest in your career development with a tailored learning and development program, giving you a framework that will allow you to excel and mentorship with an experienced manager. If you have the drive to develop your leadership skills, all sorts of opportunities will open up for you.

The Graduates program offers a unique opportunity for participants to discover the world of Imerys and start a career. Exposed to work in various locations and roles, they will benefit from a comprehensive onboarding, training and mentoring program rich in experiences. It's a tremendous chance to discover what Imerys is about and become the managers of tomorrow.

Vincent Lecerf
Chief Human Resources Officer

The two-year program gives you real responsibility, right from the start. Join the program and become part of the Imerys Graduates community.

Former graduate testimonials


Ashish Kumar

No two days are the same. I see this as a fast-track career opportunity.

Alexis Fortin

The program is a good opportunity for graduates to excel. It’s a chance to work with different types of managers and good for networking.

Briana Conners

The amount of responsibility I've had with my technical roles in the Imerys Graduates program has been incredibly fulfilling. Every year I look forward to the training trips with the other graduates in the program.

Herbert Mapholo

South Africa
The Imerys Graduates program has provided a great opportunity for me to grow. The responsibilities are challenging and exciting enough to unleash and utilize my full potential.

Our program

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