Advanced Ceramics & Investment Casting Technical Support Engineer

Job location:
Home Based - China
Created moment:
March 11, 2021
Job reference:
REQ - 03936

The Company

The world leader in mineral-based specialty solutions for industry, with over 16,000 employees and over 200 sites worldwide, Imerys delivers high value-added, functional solutions to diversified set of industrial sectors, from processing industries to consumer goods. The Group draws on its knowledge of applications, technological expertise and its material science know-how to deliver solutions based on beneficiation of its mineral resources, synthetic minerals and formulations. These contribute essential properties to customers’ products and performance, including refractoriness, hardness, conductivity, opacity, durability, purity, lightness, filtration, absorption and repellency. Imerys is determined to develop responsibly, in particular by fostering the emergence of environmentally-friendly products and processes.

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The Position

Advanced Ceramics & Investment Casting Technical Support Engineer

Job Summary

  • An active player with responsibilities in terms of safety behavior.

S/he has responsibilities for compliance with safety standards on the sites (of Imerys and customers) and the avoidance of dangerous actions. S/he provides support to customers in order to use our products safely based on MSDS’s.

  • Source of information on China market technical development.

Through regular visits to customers, s/he recuperates the technical information related to new developments, products and applications. S/he transfers this information to technical and sales teams. Watches and evaluates technical developments of the competition and develops arguments for Imerys solutions.

  • The proposer of Technology Research

Based on customer needs and s/his knowledge of the Advanced Ceramic market, s/he makes recommendations of technical studies. In so doing, s/he assists ITC management to run technical support projects. S/he presents the results of the technical studies to customers.

  • The coordinator in handling customer complaints.

S/he coordinates with quality team and assists sales team to handle customer complaints. S/he is responsible for discussing technical solutions with customer in order to resolve the complaints related to Imerys products.

  • A technical assistant to customers

S/he provides assistance to customers in formulating and optimizing their solutions with Imerys products.  

  • A technical contributor to Imerys products development

Based on his/her knowledge of the Advanced Ceramic market, s/he identifies Imerys products for Advanced Ceramic applications in China, reports to senior technical manager and takes an active part in the launching of new Imerys products.

  • The technical representative of Imerys.

S/he represents Imerys technical services and participates in local conferences.

  • Technical training resource

S/he is a major resource of technical training for Advanced Ceramic sales teams.



1.    Ensures customers’ satisfaction with regard to Imerys products and technical support

2.    Guarantees the conclusion and results of technical studies and presentation to customers

3.    Guarantees the quality of technical communications according to Imerys standards

4.    Improvement of customer satisfaction through technical communication in handling quality complaints

5. Contributes to:

  - Competitor evaluation

  - Product development

  - Exchange and consolidaton of technical information

  - Improvement of the technical level of sales forces (including training of sales



Academic background:

Bachelor,Master or above with major in Science and Engineering of inorganic nonmetallic material, preferably in Advanced Ceramic. 


At least 3 years of working experience on R&D or technical support related to the Advanced Ceramic industry, preferably with a foreign company in China.



- Detailed Knowledge of refractories & Advanced Ceramic applications and more specifically expert knowledge of advanced ceramic technique

Basic know-how

- Strong ability in analysis and dealing with technical problems

- Good at making contacts and maintaining technical relations with existing and potential customers

- Sensitivity to technical information gathering in the market

- Good English (oral & written)

- Good computer skills


Technical expertise

Specialized knowledge maintained and developed and made available to others


Attention to customer satisfaction, user-oriented

Analytical reasoning

Desire to understand a situation through step-by-step research into the relationships between cause and effect or by systematic comparison with a referent or non-successive implications


Genuine, ongoing desire to form part of a team, to interact with others, not in preference to working alone or in competition with others


Ability to believe in one's won capabilities and one's own skills in increasingly demanding situations

Position Type

Full time



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To ensure fairness and legal compliance in our recruitment processes, only applications received through the online application process will be considered. 

IMERYS is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer and it is our policy to not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, disability, veteran status, or any other status protected by federal, state or local laws.