Internship - Functional Minerals-3

Job location:
Johns Creek, Georgia, USA
Created moment:
December 19, 2022
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REQ - 06691

The Company

The world leader in mineral-based specialty solutions for industry, with over 16,000 employees and over 200 sites worldwide, Imerys delivers high value-added, functional solutions to diversified set of industrial sectors, from processing industries to consumer goods. The Group draws on its knowledge of applications, technological expertise and its material science know-how to deliver solutions based on beneficiation of its mineral resources, synthetic minerals and formulations. These contribute essential properties to customers’ products and performance, including refractoriness, hardness, conductivity, opacity, durability, purity, lightness, filtration, absorption and repellency. Imerys is determined to develop responsibly, in particular by fostering the emergence of environmentally-friendly products and processes.

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The Position

Internship - Functional Minerals-3

Job Summary

Project Scope:

Evaluate the value proposition of functional minerals in the hybrid sealant space. 


Compound formulations made in the Hauschild vacuum speedmixer.

Untreated Mineral Study

Evaluate a range of different mineral products of varying average particle size in a hybrid sealant at an optimized concentration. 

Proposed Minerals (From previous PU study): GCC, PCC, Kaolin, Wollastonite , Diatomaceous Earth, Perlite, Mica 

Mineral Characterization: PSD (Sedigraph, Mastersizer 3000), Surface Area (BET), SEM Imaging, LAB Powder Color, TGA

Sealant Characterization: 

  • ASTM C794 (Modified) Adhesion-in-Peel of Elastomeric Joint Sealants (Adhesion Strength)

  • ASTM D412 - Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers—Tension (Tensile Stress/Elongation at Break)

  • ASTM D1002 (Modified) - Apparent Shear Strength of Single-Lap-Joint Adhesively Bonded Metal Specimens by Tension Loading (Metal-to-Metal)

  • Rheology Profiles - (Shear Rate/Stress Dependent and Oscillatory-dependent) at 1 Day, 14 Days, 28 Days, 56 Days (2 Months), and 84 Days (3 Months)

  • ASTM B117 - Salt Spray Fog Corrosion Testing (Proposed 1000 hrs)

This project will require learning industry testing standards and analytical methodologies. 

The potential impact of this work has an estimated commercial value of >$1.0 million.

Project Description/ Deliverables:

A clear and concise report & presentation should be produced by the intern describing methodology and their findings. A marketing-styled presentation will be produced from these results, drawing benefits of specific mineral grades with regards to adhesion and stability. 

Project Learning Objectives:

The intern(s) is expected to develop independent observation/thinking, project management skills, analytical skills, and mineral/adhesive/sealant application experience. 

Position Type

Full time


Intern (Fixed Term)

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