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Each refractory application is unique and requires the right solution to face extreme temperatures and harsh physical and chemical conditions. Working closely with refractory producers,  our refractories specialists have developed minerals, binders and additives that meet continuous improvement requirements in steelmaking, power generation plants, incinerators, biomass boilers, glass, cement and petrochemicals industries.

A wide range of minerals to meet global demand

In the face of growing demand, refractories producers need to have access to a broad range of solutions. Imerys offers an extensive portfolio of high-quality minerals with different functional properties, making it a privileged partner for the refractories industry.

We are the leading producer of andalusite and calcined clays. Andalusite-based products are popular in Europe and Asia for the production of fired and unfired refractories. Fused alumina and zirconia, both of which have high thermal resistance and chemical inertia properties, are used as binders in furnace linings for the steel, glass and aluminum industries, as well as in investment casting. Our silico-aluminous refractory solutions are used in acidic or neutral environments, and at high temperatures. Fused silicas are prized in continuous steel casting and glass roll production for their high insulation properties and good thermal resistance.

Where there is heat…

High temperatures also present a risk of thermal shock, abrasion and impact. We have engineered various solutions based on calcium aluminum cement concrete coupled with a synthetic calcium aluminate aggregate that successfully mitigate these risks. In addition to extreme heat resistance, these binders confer key properties to refractory concretes such as controlled fluidity, rapid setting, self-leveling, waterproofing, extended wear and abrasion resistance.

We are also the number one supplier of high-performance calcium aluminate-based binders for refractory cements. Refractory cements are used for construction in industrial facilities which are subjected to intense heat such as foundry floors, as well as for brick and stone fireplaces, chimney flues and barbecues.

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world leader in high performance calcium aluminate-based binders for refractory applications
and above is the extreme temperature that refractory products offer resistance to
world leader in alumino-silicate minerals for refractories

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