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World leading supplier to the pulp, paper and paperboard industry

Challenges & Solutions


Today’s paper producers are under increasing pressure not only to keep down costs and improve the quality of the finished printed product, but also to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Imerys provides high-quality, natural mineral solutions for every step of the pulp, paper, paperboard and printing process — from deposit control agents and water loop treatments through to cost-effective TiO2 extenders and easy-to-recycle barrier coatings.

Working at our international research centers and regional laboratories, our Paper Science & Technology teams — many of whom come from the industry itself — can reproduce all aspects of the paper production and printing process for customers and then run full-scale runnability trials at the client’s own plant and mill.

Upstream, Mistron® and Altonit® are effective pitch and stickies control agents and Aquamont® is a proven solution for process water and effluent treatment in de-inked pulp production. Downstream, LinerMax® reduces energy consumption in linerboard production. Capim™ DG brings unmatched optical and printability properties to magazines and brochures. Steaplus® Prime is an excellent mineral base for recyclable fiber-based board. Lithocoat® enhances the optical properties of matte offset papers and Carbilux™ maintains gloss in printing paper top coats.

With a clear understanding of market dynamics and environmental trends, a century’s worth of mineral expertise, ore resources extracted responsibly from across all regions and the most competitive assets in the industry, we are all set to anticipate our Paper clients’ challenges well into the distant future.

  • Improving the printability and visual appeal of containerboard
  • Creating solutions that boost performance and cut customer costs
  • Developing more eco-friendly solutions for a 21st century market
At Imerys we offer the highest possible quality in terms of optics, printability and convertibility. We continue to work towards even more cost-effective solutions to help our customers maintain competitiveness in the marketplace.
Riccardo Gerini
Paper & Board Key Account Manager & Sales Director for South Europe & UK, Imerys Performance Minerals EMEA

Key Figures

Imerys is the world's leading producer of kaolin and talc for paper and packaging paperboard
million tons
global paper and board production in 2019
x its own weight
the amount of water bentonite can absorb

Related Applications

Business Success

Innovative solutions to pulp industry waste

Imerys is working with its customers to address environmental challenges, such as recycling pulp waste.

Ordinarily, a mill burns excess calcium carbonate to generate calcium oxide for reuse. However, not all waste can be recycled in this way. In response, Imerys is developing new industry standards with products that  re-process waste by creating fresh calcium carbonate for use in filling and pre-coating applications.

The solutions are just one example of how Imerys is working with customers to manage and reduce waste, and to increase the recyclability of products.

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Exceeding industrial needs with sustainable solutions


Innovative approaches for improved production


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