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Plastics & rubber

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Imerys' extensive mineral portfolio provides a one-stop-shop solution for making everyday plastics and rubber stronger, lighter and more cost effective. Due to their specific shape, color, particle size and purity, our mineral solutions for plastics and rubber make excellent reinforcing additives and foaming agents for the production of lightweight automotive parts, tires, domestic appliances, electronic components, PVC pipes and profiles and food packaging.

Our mineral solutions support sustainable lifestyles, by boosting the lifespan of tires or lowering fuel consuption in the case of lighter vehicles. Our carbon-based solutions are prized for their exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity in thermoplastics - accompanying the shift towards electric vehicles.

Our minerals are also used as antiblocking agents in polyethylene, restore mechanical properties to recycled plastics and are ideal nucleating agents in biopolymers and semi-crystalline polymers. In engineering thermoplastics, carbon black is valued for its conductivity.

Boosting recycled plastics

Imerys is spearheading the development of new recycled polymer products that solve compatibility issues in recycled plastics, opening up new horizons for plastics recycling. By employing the latest blending and compounding technologies and through the use of a unique mineral additive which solves feedstock miscibility issues, we are able to produce mixed polyolefin compounds that behave like virgin resins.

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Key Figures

world leader in minerals for breathable polymer films
of plastic packaging must be recycled by European states by end of 2025 under the European Union Directive 94/62/EC
world leader in talc for plastics and in wollastonite for processed polymers

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