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Geology & Mining


Our business is about providing mineral solutions, which very often are extracted from natural resources. As a result, geologists and mining engineers are central to all we do, from exploration to extraction and mine planning.

The wide array of minerals in Imerys’ portfolio requires specific expertise to identify, secure and develop minerals in a way that is safe and profitable over the long term. Geologists and mining engineers work closely together, frequently on global projects.

Geology and mining jobs include:

  • Exploration Geologist
  • Resource Planning Manager
  • Mine Engineer
We are a dedicated group of engineers and geologists developing mine plans that serve short and long term business targets, ensuring sustainable operations for the future. We also work closely with operations to find solutions to the challenges we meet and to support continuous
Daniel Panagiotidis

Sales & Marketing


Partnering with our customers to continually deliver added value to their businesses drives our sales & marketing teams on a daily basis.  To meet and go beyond expectations, the teams work closely with Science & Technology and industrial operations to ensure Imerys develops and offers specifically tailored products that are delivered when and where our customers need them.

Sales and marketing jobs include:

  • Marketing Analyst
  • Segment Market Manager
  • Sales Account Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
As a marketing analyst, I identify new market opportunities, research markets and determine brand perceptions. I also research what our competitors are doing and analyse issues such as demographics, prices and possible marketing
Vivek Thakur



Our operational expertise and processes are at the heart of the business.  Transforming minerals into a product that meets the precise specifications of our customers in an environment that is safe and secure for everyone is essential to deliver and satisfy our clients. It requires people with sound technical expertise and rigorous standards who can collaborate to implement continuous improvements. With 230 industrial sites in over 50 countries, our operations teams have a great deal of autonomy and responsibility.

Operations jobs include:

  • Site or Plant Manager
  • Plant Production Manager
  • Operational Excellence
  • Coordinator Maintenance Manager
  • Process Engineer
  • Project Management Officer
As an Operational Excellence Co-ordinator, I lead and support teams across functions to prepare, execute and follow through continuous improvement projects in areas ranging from process management improvement to energy optimization and safety. These projects enable our plants to run more efficiently.
Sylvie Li

Science and Technology


Improving our ability to meet our customer’s needs is one of Imerys' key priorities. Our Science & Technology teams work closely with our business and marketing teams to develop new products and technologies for new and existing customers.

We have nine Technology Centers, employing over 300 highly-skilled researchers and technicians. Their objective is to create innovative solutions, with a focus on growth markets.

S&T jobs include:

  • Portfolio Manager/Analyst
  • Platform Technology Process Development Manager
  • Scientists
  • Process Development Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Business Innovation Analyst
As a Process Development Director for Platform Technology, I develop, implement and oversee new processing technology platforms. This includes developing the technical skills and facilities the group needs to meet its innovation objectives. I also work on strengthening relations between plant managers, process engineers and others to smooth technology transfer between departments and to support them to improve operational efficiency.
Rémi Valero

Finance and controlling


As a public company, listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris, we comply with certain rules and to provide clear and transparent reporting. As well as performing the basic functions that any business needs to function, our finance team also works closely with our various business areas to support them in continuously improving their performance.

Finance and controlling jobs include:

  • Commercial Controller
  • Operations Controller
  • Shared Services Manager
  • Credit Analyst
  • Treasury Manager
As a Tax Manager, I help to manage the company’s liability for corporate and transaction taxes. I also coordinate and supervise tax compliance within the group, and support and advise senior management on tax matters including compliance, tax implications of operations, tax inspections & audits and M&A.
Chrissie Bradwell

Support Functions


There are a host of other positions that are vital to support Imerys and ensure that it can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, from Human Resources and Talent Management to Environmental Health and Safety. Other crucial posts include payroll, communications, labor relations and IT, as well as areas such as supply chain management, procurement, legal services, strategy and M&A.

Support function jobs include:

  • EHS Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Infrastructure Expert
  • IT Manager
  • Intellectual Property Counsel
As a member of the Imerys Intellectual Property team, I manage the IP issues for several divisions, including providing advice on protection and capture of our intellectual assets while helping to mitigate risks.
Vanessa Faure-Geors

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