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High purity minerals for enhanced food and beverage quality

Challenges & Solutions

having a beer

The Food & Beverage industry is shaped by ever changing consumer preferences, with increasing importance on natural products, health and wellness.

At Imerys, we understand the demands our customers face, their manufacturing processes, as well as the strict regulatory environment they operate in. Working with customers, we develop bespoke natural, mineral-based solutions that help them increase productivity, reduce costs and save time.

Imerys is the world’s leading supplier of natural minerals for food and beverage filtration and processing. Our Celite® diatomite filter range is a favorite with top beer brewers the world over.  The ImerVin™ Efficace perlite filter range is prized by producers of the planet’s finest wines. Our CynerSorb® adsorbents are acknowledged cost-effective purification solutions for edible oils. 

We engineer our calcium carbonates to fulfill the human body’s specific nutritional needs. The I-Blum™ range enhances the calcium content of food and beverages and the Calcius™ range is used as an active ingredient in mineral supplement tablets and multi-vitamins.

We have also put our expertise to work finding solutions to today’s critical food and water safety and sustainability challenges, from providing affordable water filtration solutions in developing countries to natural minerals for mechanical insecticides used for food crop production.

And with wholly owned mineral reserves across the globe, we can guarantee uncompromising quality and supply viability wherever our clients are based.

  • Guaranteeing sustainably sourced natural ingredients
  • Optimizing productivity and maximizing yield
  • Enhancing food with value-added, natural ingredients
Celite Cynergy® - a beer stabilizing diatomaceous earth filter aid - has drastically simplified the chillproofing process at our brewery. It filters the beer so it doesn’t get hazy. We ended up with better results in less time using less filter aid. It’s made the process much easier and faster.
Aaron Moberger
Cellar Manager at Harpoon Brewery, Boston

Key Figures

yearly growth in global health & wellness food market
Imerys is the largest global producer of minerals for filtration
reduction in filter-aid dosing rates in winemaking with ImerVin™

Related Applications

Business Success

CynerSorb®: superior removal of contaminants in edible oils

Imerys has engineered a highly permeable, diatomite based adsorbent for the purification needs of the edible oil industry. The physical structure of a CynerSorb® molecule means contaminants attach to it like a magnet, resulting in a high degree of adsorption without compromising flow rate, which in turn enables longer filtration cycles. Its superior combined adsorption and filtration functionalities have allowed customers to reduce the amount of adsorbents previously used by up to 50%.

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