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Innovative approaches for improved production

Challenges & Solutions

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With the world population approaching 10 billion, farmers are facing huge challenges as to how to feed growing populations without destroying the soil, our health and ultimately the planet.

At Imerys, we are leveraging our Science & Technology and Business Development teams worldwide to develop innovative natural solutions to the most pressing concerns facing farmers today—be it declining soil quality, crop disease or pesticide resistance.  

Our agriculture, aquaculture and animal welfare solutions are based on an extensive portfolio of natural mineral solutions—engineered to help farmers nourish and protect their most valuable assets.

Our Dezone™ mechanical insecticide sustainably manages insect pests in poultry farms and agricultural crops and contributes to the fight against insecticide resistance.  AkuaPro™ is an antibiotic-free solution to address disease in fish farming, the fastest growing food production sector globally. For animal feed,  SmectAgri® is an effective aflatoxin binder and Diamol® is an excellent processing aid and liquid, vitamin and enzyme carrier. Agroperl® improves root development and substrate performance and Invelop® guards crops against sunburn.

New threats demand new approaches. Across the business, we are investing in long-term partnerships to build a brighter future for the global agri-business sector through natural solutions.

  • Limiting antibiotics use to combat antimicrobial resistance in humans and animals
  • Increasing agricultural performance to produce enough food for the global population
  • Providing a sustainable and safe mode of action for vector control
Dezone™ is a mechanical insecticide. When insect pests come in contact with it, their epicuticular lipid layer is absorbed and their water balance is critically impacted. Dezone™ is OMRI listed and allowed for use in certified organic operations under the USDA National Organic Program. It's not toxic to bees and does not impact beneficial insect populations.
David Stewart
Global Business Development Manager, Mechanical Insecticides

Key Figures

value of the insecticide market by 2022
loss of fish farm stock from disease, causes which AkuaPro™ alleviates
value of the global crop-nutrition fertilizer market by 2024

Business Success

A specialized engineered mineral solution for fertilizers

I-Cote™ is an excellent engineered, anti-caking solution that considerably improves the shelf life of low-compatible blended fertilizers. I-Cote™ is ideal for producing new concentrated formulas that won’t cake during storage, clog equipment and reduce fertilizer spread.

Adding I-Cote™ to high-nitrogen, concentrated fertilizers and organo minerals helps keep particles separate, keeping the fertilizer free-flowing and maximizing performance.

I-Cote™ offers excellent value to the fertilizer industry as a high performance compatibilizer and long lasting anti-caking agent.

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High purity minerals for enhanced food and beverage quality


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