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The principal aim of the pulp, paper and board industry is to improve productivity and the surface and print quality of the final product. Polymer-free barrier coatings are also an emerging trend which will provide paper and board producers with an opportunity to offer sustainable, innovative solutions. We offer a unique set of high-quality, environment-friendly solutions that optimize the paper and board manufacturing process. Our leading mineral formulations deliver the properties paper and board manufacturers seek most such as brightness, gloss, opacity and enhanced printability. Our minerals also serve as fillers in paper pulp, and are eco-friendly process enablers providing the right chemical composition, particle size distribution, whiteness and viscosity and optimizing production processes and quality.

Cleaner, greener pulp and paper

Today’s paper mills are under increasing pressure not only to keep down costs but to reduce their water consumption and the amount of waste going to effluent systems. Our talc- and bentonite-based solutions are environment-friendly deposit control agents that can be used in place of chemical deposit control systems traditionally used to keep water circuits clean. These inert minerals enable paper mills to work with closed water circuits, reducing river pollution and water consumption. Our deposit control solutions are effective in virgin pulp, de-inked recycled pulp, paperboard, packaging, newsprint and tissue paper production where they provide a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution for cleaner pulp, higher quality paper, and higher production levels. In addition, they remain in the finished product as cost-effective, infinitely recyclable fillers.

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the amount of carbonates contained in an average sheet of A4 paper

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