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High quality filtration is critical for many consumer and life science industries: from beer and wine to sweeteners and edible oils, to blood plasma. Our filtration solutions are based on naturally occurring minerals with exceptional properties such as low density, chemical inertia, high specific surface area and a high level of porosity. Our superior technical services combine these unique functionalities to design filtration substrates that match our customers’ specifications, optimize their process costs and maximize their asset capacity.

Natural solutions for Food & Beverages

Innovation and filtration go hand in hand at Imerys. Our minerals are naturally occurring making them environment-friendly solutions per se. Our S&T teams engineer the shape, chemistry, particle size and density of these natural minerals to transform our customers’ businesses. Our natural diatomites and expanded perlites have many filtration applications in the food and beverage sector where they are used as process enablers for the filtration of beer, sweeteners, water, wine, juice, tea and edible oils. Our diatomaceous earth products enable brewers to increase beer production and reduce material volumes and waste. Our engineered perlite-based filter aids are designed to optimize the filtration of wine musts where they boost filtration capacity at lower dosages. We offer juice filtration aids that don’t compromise clarity and avoid the use of arsenic; highly permeable adsorbents for waste-oil biodiesel fuels and high-purity grade diatomite filter aids for the biopharmaceutical industry.

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world leader in diatomite and perlite-based filtration products

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