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Imerys offers a range of world-class solutions which meet the key property requirements in terms of rapid drying and aesthetics of a variety of applications in the construction and civil engineering industries . We tailor our specialty aluminate-based binders, metakaolins, smart fillers and functional additives such as bentonites, perlites and clays to meet the specific performance expectations of end users. These high-performance products are used in wide array of applications such as flooring, cement tiles, adhesives and grouts, technical mortars, waterproofing, renders, external insulation, sealing liners, pipes and wastewater, as well as heavy duty concrete, tunneling and mining.

High-performance building chemistry

Building chemistry requires a combination of innovation and exactly the right mineral properties in terms of consistency, color and reactivity.  At Imerys, years of working closely with building contractors and engineers has led us to have an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs. To meet the demands of our specialty concrete customers in the civil engineering sector, we have produced a range of calcium aluminate binders, aggregates and technical solutions that are easy to handle and apply, and which provide an aesthetic finish. These products are designed to meet high-performance specialist concrete requirements in applications such as surfacing / lining, repair and construction where short turnaround times and resistance to harsh environments are key parameters. Technology is constantly evolving in this area so we need to meet performance requirements that are constantly on the rise.

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world leader in high-performance calcium aluminate-based binders
calcium aluminate concretes harden in temperatures as cold as minus ten degrees

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