Natural ways to keep fish farms healthy without the use of antibiotics or copper sulfate.

Healthy fish the natural way 

Farmed fish are at risk from a range of infectious diseases induced by bacteria species such as Flavobacterium columnare and Aeromonas, and from algae outbreaks, all of which can impact the health of fish and cause huge losses for fish farmers. Our solution is AkuaPro™ water treatment made from kaolin, a natural clay mineral powder with a long history of medicinal use.

Standard ways to fight disease in fish contain antibiotics, which escalate production costs and can lead to widespread antibiotic resistance – a serious issue facing the planet. Likewise, the most common treatments for algae contain copper sulfates, which are toxic to fish and can lead to their deaths when algae die and release sulfates back into the water. 

AkuaPro kaolin is different. It contains no antibiotics and no copper sulfate. It’s a natural and fish-friendly way to treat water, fight disease outbreaks and algae, and keep stocks healthy and robust. AkuaPro kaolin works by making it harder for bacteria to attach to the tissue and scales of fish, while also killing water-based diseases. It disperses easily, contains no copper salts or chemicals, and is highly cost-efficient.

Our kaolin-based natural treatment can be used in hatcheries and commercial ponds for fingerlings and fish, and is effective both before and after the onset of Columnaris disease and Aeromonas hydrophila.