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European Coatings Show 2023: Enabling the Future of Sustainable Construction

From energy usage to emissions and natural resources, the construction industry has a huge impact on the environment. Today, this impact translates to revisions in building regulations, leveraging of technological advances and new materials, and greater adoption of sustainable construction methods. This sustainability is what we strive for.

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Imerys commits to the next generation of geologists with an agreement to support the Dan Germiquet Fund
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Imerys commits to the next generation of geologists with an agreement to support the Dan Germiquet Fund

On December 9, Leah Wilson, Imerys Chief Sustainability Officer and member of its Executive Committee, signed a five-year agreement on behalf of Imerys with the French National School of Geology to support the Dan Germiquet Fund. Imerys is a founding member of the newly created Nancy Geology Foundation, which will host Imerys’ long-term commitment to the Dan Germiquet Fund.

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Sustainable Construction and world of Concrete
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Imerys’ vision for sustainable construction – The latest market trends

Imerys shares its vision for sustainable construction at World of Concrete, the world’s largest concrete industry trade fair.

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Imerys recognizes global employees through sustainability challenge

This year’s Sustainable Development Challenge highlighted the commitment and creativity of employees to make a difference to their local communities or reduce their impact on the environment.

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The Imerys Group integrated report

Imerys Universal Registration Document 2019

As part of the Universal Registration Document we present our integrated report, better showcasing how we create long-term value for the benefit of our stakeholders. 


Imerys Universal Registration Document 2019
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