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May 25, 2020

Imerys will support suppliers through EcoVadis review

Following its high-rating by CSR assessor EcoVadis, Imerys is encouraging its suppliers to review and improve the sustainability of their processes.

Ecovadis with our suppliers

Imerys has entered into a three-year agreement with EcoVadis to assess its suppliers’ Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance as part of its commitment to responsible purchasing. 

Imerys has been rated by EcoVadis since 2014, and in 2019 the company rating progressed from Silver to Gold. (edit, September 2020: Imerys was then rated Platinum

EcoVadis will assess sustainability in Imerys supply chain

Imerys suppliers will be encouraged to participate in the independent assessment by EcoVadis in order to identify areas for improvement. 

Imerys suppliers will complete a questionnaire and provide written evidence of their policies, results and monitoring of performance, covering health and safety, labor, environmental, anti-corruption and sustainable procurement. The questionnaire takes into account participating companies’ size, activity and geographic scope.

Review will measure business ethics and environmental standards 

Olivier Brunet, Group Purchasing Vice President, says: “A key element of the continual improvement of our own performance is our work with our suppliers. Our suppliers will be assessed following the same criteria as us, so we will know that they are aligned with Imerys own Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. We need to make sure we are working with strong reliable partners that can meet our Supplier ESG Standards.

Imerys will support suppliers to develop in areas that are below standard. Suppliers will have access to the EcoVadis platform, so they can improve their own performance, and they will be able to use their rating as positive recognition with other customers.

Our existing relationship with EcoVadis relieves the administrative burden for all involved and is an opportunity for our buyers to engage with suppliers in a different way and on a different, positive topic – ESG performance. We want to embark suppliers on a continuous improvement approach.
Leah Wilson
Group CSR Vice President
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