ALUTABᵀᴹ for investment casting

ALUTAB is used as a raw material for investment casting thanks to its high purity, high density & low porosity.

A highly resistant and versatile raw material for investment casting

Tabular alumina is a dense sintered α-alumina phase refractory material with extraordinary properties like extremely high refractoriness, high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance and high chemical purity.

Our versatile ALUTAB range of tabular alumina, or sintered calcined alumina, is an integral raw material for investment casting of high-value alloys thanks to its high purity, high density, and low porosity, where processes are characterized by extremely high temperatures

We produce ALUTAB at our plant in Teutschenthal, Germany according to customer needs and specifications.

Key benefits

High purity
High density
Abrasion and corrosion resistance
Low porosity
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