A unique family of mineralized, water-based, easy-to-recycle solutions for paper and board to optimize barrier performance against grease, liquid, water vapour and oxygen.
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Water-based, recyclable barriers for paper and board

  • Water-based
  • Easily recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water, moisture, OGR barrier

Barrikote is a unique family of fully formulated water-based barrier solutions for paper and board, bringing the best of our mineral expertise to optimise barrier performance against grease, liquid, water vapour and oxygen while limiting the use of polymers. 

Similar to a traditional paper binder, Barrikote can be used on a paper machine, metered size press, blade and rod coaters and flexo printers and adheres to paper under normal operating temperatures.

Easily recyclable solution

Barrikote solutions are easily recyclable alternatives to PE barrier films for food packaging.

The barrier film is the part of the food packaging that is most difficult to recycle or degrade. For example, while traditional paper would degrade in two months in a natural environment, PE-lined boards used in traditional paper cups would take years to start breaking down. 

Barrikote is thinner than traditional PE barrier films, making the board easier to degrade and recycle. Despite the lower thickness, Barrikote formulations provide equivalent barrier performance.

Barrikote is ideal for:

  • Water barrier coatings
  • Moisture barrier coatings
  • Oil and grease (OGR) applications

It is already proving successful on the market for food service, paper cups and flexible paper applications.

An excellent alternative to single-use plastic

Barrikote offers an excellent alternative to single-use plastic in food and drinks packaging where it:

  • Reduces the requirement for a special polymer to give full barrier properties for comparable performance to polyethene (PE)
  • Provides better recyclability: 50-60% fewer rejects compared to a PE-lined board
  • Facilitates recyclability in existing paper recycling infrastructures
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Barrikote™ C and GR making paper cups and packaging recyclable

It is clear why our Barrikote range is a popular solution for manufacturers looking to up the sustainability of their own portfolios and offerings. Strongly aligned with increasingly stringent regulations regarding single-use plastics, Barrikote makes it possible to recycle far more paper cups and carton packaging by replacing conventional plastics layers as barriers. Especially when it comes to uses for cups and greases, our Barrikote C and GR products can proudly announce they are certified Imerys Pioneer products. This means they have received our highest rating for products and services with outstanding sustainability performance compared to the reference on the market. Pioneer certified products provide the highest social and environmental contribution to the downstream value chain, while demonstrating a low environmental impact in its production phase.

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