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From bone-china dinner plates to stylish bathroom shower trays, the design and quality of ceramics touch many areas of our daily lives. This is why tableware, sanitaryware and tile manufacturers demand the highest standards when it comes to functionalities such as whiteness, mechanical strength and dimensional stability. We are the world's leadering supplier of premium minerals for ceramics, prepared bodies and glazes as well as kiln furniture for ceramic producers.  Our engineered mineral blends provide unrivaled quality in high-performance products. Our bespoke offering to ceramics manufacturers includes high-quality products, formulation services from our dedicated ceramics laboratories, state-of-the-art technical support, and on-site production support.

 Advanced ceramics for a broad range of industries

Advanced ceramics are used in a host of demanding applications from electrical fittings and thermal appliances to parts for the automotive, aerospace, military and medical industries. Harnessing our unique mineral portfolio and mineral processing capabilities, we provide engineered industrial solutions that meet specific customer requirements for technical porcelains, steatites, cordierites, silicon carbides, mullites and alumina ceramics.

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Key Figures

world leader in raw materials and ceramic bodies for sanitaryware
of the average porcelain plate is made up of kaolin
our advanced ceramic grades are designed to meet standard specifications

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