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As the world’s leading supplier of specialty minerals for industry, Imerys is organized around two segments, Performance Minerals and High Temperature Materials & Solutions, grouping five business areas aligned to our customers in core markets.

The Performance Minerals segment
Performance minerals are used as functional additives, providing unique properties to our customers’ products in the plastics, rubber, paints and coatings, filtration, ceramics, mobile energy, paper and board, food and beverage, health and personal care markets.

Imerys has three Performance Minerals business areas in this segment, organised by geography because most of our customers in this segment tend to require the supply of our products from a plant and mine in close proximity:

  • Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA)
  • Americas
  • Asia-Pacific (APAC)

The High Temperature Materials & Solutions segment
Our minerals in this segment are specialty minerals used as processing aids to facilitate a manufacturing process typically working with high temperatures. The customers served are from the refractory, foundry, metal flow, abrasives and building chemistry markets.

Imerys has two globally managed business areas in this segment:

  • High Temperature Solutions
  • Refractory, Abrasives & Construction

The High Temperature Solutions business area includes our subsidiary, Calderys, specialised in providing refractory solutions.

Learn more about our segments and business areas from our company introduction presentation.


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