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Paints and coatings need to meet high performance standards in terms of weather or corrosion resistance. Aesthetics and preserving a healthy living environment are also of prime importance. Our Paints and Coatings specialists harness the optical, mechanical, and rheological properties of our unique mineral portfolio to provide architectural and industrial coatings producers  with high-performance, multi-functional extenders and fillers for use in water borne, solvent borne and powder paints and coatings.

Imerys minerals offer numerous properties that enhance the performance of paints and coatings, improve mechanical and optical properties, and provide qualities such as electrical or thermal conductivity.

Cost-effective, natural solutions for decorative and industrial paints

We offer a spread of minerals for paints and  coatings producers to choose from, enabling us to match exactly the right mineral solution to our customers' requirements. Talc, carbonate, wollastonite, kaolin, mica, perlite and diatomite are cost-effective, natural solutions which improve a host of paint properties in decorative applications, ranging from opacity to cracking, to stain resistance and adhesion. Ultra-platy talcs, wollastonites and leucophyllites offer excellent corrosion resistance, durability and sandability, which are all vital properties for industrial paints such as marine, aerospace and automotive coatings.

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world leader in mica for high performance coatings, talc for paints and wollastonite for paints and coatings

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