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Used in everything from jet engines to surgical instruments, and from construction to automotive and building / infrastructure, steel is one of the most versatile materials. Imerys supports the steel industry with a range of minerals, refractory solutions, and services covering all aspects of  primary and secondary liquid steel processes. The main applications we serve range from safety and abrasion coatings to fluxes for continuous casting processes.

Bespoke solutions from our wide range of minerals

Minerals used in primary and secondary steelmaking processes include alumina, wollastonite, and bauxite, which contain characteristically high amounts of alumina and iron oxide. Silicon- and graphite-based alkaline mixes and other carbon sources are also used as functional additives for continuous flow steel casting. Due to it its specific physical and chemical properties, calcium aluminate flux speeds up slag formation and improves steel refining in secondary metallurgy and in the continuous casting tundish.

We design bespoke solutions for our steelmaking customers and fine-tune these solutions as steel grade and specification requirements evolve. In addition to casting fluxes, our portfolio of products also includes covering compounds, metallurgically active slags and flux feeders.

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world leader in continuous flow casting
estimated global steel output in 2018
million tons
world leader in alumino-silicate monolithic refractories

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