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Paints & coatings

1-K™ 1-K muscovite mica is a dry ground coarser high aspect ratio product. It provides reinforcement and where greater resistance to moisture, heat, light or chemicals is needed. It is specified to brighten the tone of colored pigments and to offer decorative effects. Ideal product for mastic coatings, joint compounds, sound damping and foundry coatings applications.

1N M20


1N M20 is a white, pure, fine, and highly lamellar talc recommended for PP parts requiring high stiffness, excellent thermal properties and good surface aspect.

1N for Paints & coatings

Paints & coatings

1N for Plastics


1N is a white, pure and highly lamellar talc. It is recommended for polypropylene parts requiring high stiffness and excellent thermal properties.


Building materials

200W is a coarse particle size, dry ground white marble. The low binder demand permits very high loading levels in applications such as carpet backing and textured paints, putties, grouts, and sealing compounds. 200W meets requirements of Section 883 of the Georgia Department of Transportation Specifications as a Mineral Filler