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A world of opportunities

Why Imerys?

10 reasons to choose Imerys
1. Discover what you’re made of

Imerys offers opportunities to get the best out of yourself and make a real difference, to Imerys and to the wider world. You’ll be joining a challenging environment in which you can discover and foster your true talents.

2. Embrace a world of opportunities

We have opportunities at 230 sites in over 50 countries, serving sectors from cosmetics to construction. Our products are vital to everything from batteries to animal feed. Our presence across a wide range of markets means your career here could be just as diverse and solid as our product range.

3. Make a difference

At Imerys, there is no sitting around waiting for the next task to drop on to your desk. Our employees, at all levels, can play a major role right from the start. Our culture is about taking initiative towards optimal performance, to achieve customer satisfaction. You can drive improvement, right across the business.

4. Take flight – wherever you are

Our industry is so fast-moving that you will find plenty of variety and chances to advance. You will be empowered to take charge of your own future.

5. Challenge yourself

Our world is changing rapidly. As a result, we are constantly developing our range of products and services, and improving how we work. That is why we encourage an entrepreneurial attitude. Imerys actively seeks candidates who will take the initiative at work and are unafraid to take calculated risks.

6. Be yourself

Our markets, products and operations are incredibly diverse. Our people must be, too. We work all over the world and we need people from all over the world, whether they are leading the company or just joining. Imerys looks for people from all walks of life because a diverse employee base fosters a more creative and innovative working environment.

7. Inspire others

We want inspirational leaders who can influence, communicate and collaborate across boundaries to deliver results. If you have the skills to lead, we will identify that early and nurture it, right from the start of your career.

8. Help us build the world of tomorrow

Imerys is committed to constantly looking at how we can meet the needs of our customers. Creating the solutions of tomorrow for our customers is our driving force. Our teams are encouraged to find new ways to tackle problems and be part of our push for innovation as we build for the future.

9. More than a century of commitment and leadership

We may be fast-moving, but we are a long-standing, reassuring presence in the market, too. Our heritage dates back to the 1880s, so we’ve been developing, evolving and gathering experience for nearly 140 years.

10. We’re shaping a sustainable world

Imerys is committed to doing business the right way. We have launched a new Corporate Social Responsibility program, called SustainAgility. It was developed to factor in contributions from a wide range of stakeholders from both within the Group and beyond, including employees, panels of experts, professional bodies, local forums, community members and customers.

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