As the world’s leading supplier of specialty minerals for industry, Imerys is organized around the 3 following activities : Performance Minerals (PM), Solutions for Refractory, Abrasives and Construction (RAC) and Solutions for Energy Transition (SET).
Imerys office

Performance Minerals

Performance Minerals are used as functional additives, providing unique properties to our customers’ products of the following main markets:

This business area is split into 2 geographic areas Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific (PM EMEA & APAC), and the Americas (PMA).

Solutions for Refractory, Abrasives and Construction

Our minerals in this business area are speciality minerals used as processing aids for use in extreme work conditions:

Solutions for Energy Transition

This business area comprises Imerys Graphite & Carbon (IGC), mainly serving the mobile energy market, and Imerys’ participation in The Quartz Corporation (TQC), a 50%-owned joint-venture, serving the solar and semiconductor markets with high-purity quartz solutions.



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